Using A Mobile Phone Whilst Driving Offence Solicitors

Are you facing a charge relating to using a mobile phone whilst driving?

Penalties for Using A Mobile Phone Whilst Driving

Most offences will be dealt with by way of six penalty points and a fixed penalty notice. If you get caught using a mobile phone whilst driving a bus or any heavy goods vehicle the matter could proceed to a Court hearing and you could be fined . In more severe scenarios for example if using a phone whilst driving is caused or contributed to an accident you may be prosecuted for dangerous driving.

We specialise in the representation of motorists who are charged with offences of using a mobile phone whilst driving. We have successfully defended many motorists and are able to use our expertise and experience to secure the best possible results for you. 

If you have a fixed penalty notice or Court Summons for using a mobile phone whilst driving please contact us to show how we can help you.

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