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If a person has had a driving ban for three years then they can make an application for removal of the driving ban . For any driving ban of 4 years or less they can make an application after a period of 2 years. For 4-10 years they can make an application after half the ban has been served. For more than 10 years they can make an application after a period of 5 years. 

We represent on a very large number of these applications with an exceptionally high success rate. We take care of all the paperwork to make sure that the application is heard before the appropriate Magistrates Court. We fully prepare the case and represent you at court making all the submissions on your behalf with a view to persuading the court to reduce the driving disqualification.

Please note the application has to be lodged with the Magistrates’ Court that imposed the driving disqualification. The application can be made before the 2 years is up but will not be heard by the Court until the 2 years of the ban has been served.

The Court will consider the circumstance of the original offence, the behaviour of the person since the date of the driving disqualification and most importantly the reason for wanting the drive driving ban removed. 

If the driving disqualification has been imposed for an offence of dangerous driving then the court will also order a compulsory retest. The application can still be made for the early removal of the driving ban but notwithstanding the fact that compulsory retest still has to be taken. The procedure is that the application is made and if granted a notification will be sent to the by the court to the DVLA indicating that the ban is now removed. You will then be in a position to take the compulsory retest. 

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