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We understand it is easy to be caught speeding but the consequences can be disastrous with the loss of your licence which may lead to loss of your business or employment. It will be alleged  that you have been photographed committing the offence by a fixed police speed camera or on a police hand held device or followed by a police officer monitoring your speed from his own vehicle.

Do not assume that photographic or police evidence cannot be challenged.  It can.  If you believe that any evidence is wrong, you should contact a specialist speeding offence solicitor immediately.  

The highway authority has the power to place temporary speed restrictions on all roads including motorways, for example when road works are being carried out.  These temporary speed limits often give rise to prosecutions for speeding, as they may take the driver by surprise.  The penalties for speeding in these situations are obligatory endorsement of between 3 – 6 points and disqualification is at the discretion of the court.

If you are to be prosecuted for speeding, you should receive, usually by post, a notice of intended prosecution.  This should set out the date, location and details of the vehicle of the alleged speeding incident.  If you believe you were not speeding or wish to contest the allegation, you should contact our specialist speeding offence solicitors straight away.

Penalties for Speeding Offences

Upon conviction for speeding you will receive between 3 – 6 penalty points and the court has the power to impose a driving ban at its’ discretion and a fine.  This will obviously depend upon the circumstances of any speeding.  There may be mitigating factors that may influence a court to minimise any penalty such as the time of the speeding, road and traffic conditions and the speed involved. Just because you intend to plead guilty doesn’t mean we can’t assist.  Please call us so our speeding offence solicitors can help in your mitigation.

There are also circumstances known as special reasons, where even though you accept you were speeding, it was due to for example an emergency and this caused you to exceed the speed limit.  In such cases the court may be persuaded not to impose penalty points.  

If you do receive penalty points as a result of a conviction for speeding and the number of points on your licence reaches 12 or above, you are liable to receive a driving ban.  This is known as ‘totting.’  In certain circumstances the court can be persuaded not to impose a driving ban.  If you are in danger of totting, you should contact us without delay.

Contact our speeding offence solicitors today to find out how we can help with your case.

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