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Our drink driving offence solicitors have over 30 years’ experience in dealing with these type of offences including:-

Drink driving offence - excess alcohol

It's an offence to drive a mechanically propelled vehicle, on a public road or a place to which the public have access, whilst in excess of the prescribed alcohol limit. The limits of the tests are as follows:

Breath Test -35mg of alcohol in 100ml of breath

Blood Test – 80mg of alcohol in 100ml of blood

Urine Test – 107mg of alcohol in 100ml of urine

The procedures for arrest and for the taking of a specimen of either breath, blood or urine for evidence are very specific and the court has to be satisfied that the procedures have been followed. If they have not properly been complied with this can amount to a defence. If convicted at least a 12-month driving disqualification is mandatory.

Drink driving offence - drunk in charge

Drunk in charge is often charged where the police cannot prove the actual 'driving' element of the offence. 

The penalty can include a discretionary disqualification of six months or more. 

Drink driving - special reasons

Do you think the facts of your drink driving offence are unfair? There are certain circumstances where we can apply to the Court asking it to not impose the standard 12 month driving ban even if you're convicted or plead guilty.

These circumstances are called ‘special reasons’. Special reasons are most often applied in drink driving cases where there may be an excuse for committing a driving offence.

Examples could be the shortness of the distance driven, or when the defendant’s drinks were spiked and he/she was unaware of this. 

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